Gnarly trees

2013_0118Image0038Not only did we enjoy the lush, green tree ferns at Battle Hill yesterday, we also came across these massive Macrocarpa ( Cupressus macrocarpa) trees.


Somehow they had crossed branches in an “X” formation, apparently from two separate trees.



Sir Peter Jackson of “Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” film making fame might like to use these giant, gnarled trees as Ents or to pick out the various faces and mythical creatures we spent time spying yesterday.




8 thoughts on “Gnarly trees

      1. Sara

        Haha I bet I would enjoy climbing on them too. You’re lucky, I wish they grew around where I live. I’d probably sit around and sketch them all the time.

      2. Sara

        That is very true. I actually never thought about it. Painting and drawing trees and scenery is actually almost better that trying to take a good photograph. Takes more time but it’s worth it.

      3. ordinarygood Post author

        I once heard a very experienced and fantastically talented photography speak and he said that there were plenty of times out in nature where a camera could not capture the light and shade the same way the eye can. Keep on drawing Sara!!

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      I think children would really enjoy these trees as you say Juliet. They may need a leg up as the lower branches were quite high off the ground. There were several peep holes to delight too.


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