Searching the World Wide Web

Look who appeared on my laptop a few minutes ago:-)



13 thoughts on “Searching the World Wide Web

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      He gave me a fright as he appeared up the back of my laptop. I will have to check and see what sort it is. Not a poisonous spider. He went off up the nearby wall at great speed!

    2. dianadrent

      I searched in google for the black headed Jumping Spider. He gives me the Eeks to. But he is also beautiful.

      Fortunately, the spider is not poisonous.

  1. thewritingblues

    Whoa WHAT is that? I have a healthy respect for spiders. That respect includes a wide radius from spiders with legs longer than mine lol.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      I’ve just checked and learnt that is a black headed Jumping Spider. They love to jump as they stalk flies to eat! Lots of people aren’t very keen on spiders.


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