My own personal fly-over!

Today I went back to the Pauatahanui Burial Ground to photograph the rose-hips.


I became aware of bird calls and across the skyline flew a flock of Canadian Geese. They headed out over the Pauatahanui Inlet.

For some reason they then looped back and headed straight over me in the rose garden.


In a remarkable turn of luck I snapped this photograph as they passed overhead.

My own personal fly-over certainly lifted my spirits for the day.


13 thoughts on “My own personal fly-over!

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      It was a wonderful experience. My sunhat is navy blue so not that bright at all. I was rather glad I was wearing it….just in case something dropped from heaven! Perhaps these heritage and wild roses form hips early? No I haven’t made rose hip jelly. My Mum told us that as children they picked rose hips to help with the war effort in WW11.

      1. Gallivanta

        I haven’t made it either but it sounds as though it would be delicious. Just wondered about the hat because a friend of mine says the birds in her area recognise her by her hat 🙂

      2. ordinarygood Post author

        Perhaps a plain navy blue sunhat appeals to Canadian Geese?? 🙂 I feed the birds here in my garden and I am sure they are spying on me routinely as they appear very quickly and from nowhere it would seem at times.

  1. Northern Narratives

    I love each one of your photos. They are filled with wonderful color. I sit and look out the window and watch the white snow falling.

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  3. dianadrent

    The rose-hips jelly is delicious. One of my favorites. The sound of the bird calls what a nice sound, I always look at the sky to admire them. Beautiful picture you took.


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