Dinner at Paekakariki

When the film can split its contents all over the floor at the movie theatre there was no point sitting waiting for the technicians to rectify that disaster. We were not meant to see Les Miserables as we had planned.

A regroup was needed. It was getting closer to dinner time and the evening was sunny and pleasant so we headed up State Highway 1 to Paekakariki to the Fisherman’s Table restaurant. They provide simple fare but their fish is always fresh and pan fried beautifully.

Our table overlooked the sea. 2013_0210Image0062

While I was waiting for my main course to arrive I stepped outdoors and took these photos looking out to Kapiti Island (a wonderful wildlife and bird sanctuary) and further north up this lovely coast line.


20 thoughts on “Dinner at Paekakariki

      1. ordinarygood Post author

        My husband is keen to see the movie so we will try again. I heard extracts from the movie sound track and did not like the quality much so I am wondering how I will enjoy the film.

  1. dianadrent

    Maybe it was meant to be. Not enjoying Les Miserables but enjoying the evening. And give you the chance to make photograph of this lovely, lovely coastline. What a paradise.

    Fish eating is delicious. Like salmon.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      That stretch of coastline is very, very beautiful Diana. We will see the film another time. The fish we ate was called Blue Moki. We do have wonderful salmon here in NZ.


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