A gaggle of geese

As I walked down the lakeside path look who is here.

One head popped up from a snooze and by the time I took the photo another eye was upon me too.

I walked very slowly and quietly towards the four geese. My proximity caused some stretching to happen.


As I drew closer there was some gossiping beginning to happen in hushed tones, not hissing tones thank goodness.

In fact the four females were neither camera shy, nor aggressive towards me. All the while there was a discussion going on between them as to my credentials and authorization status. This conferring did require a team meeting.

One even posed to show me her best side.

And I was granted the right to proceed down the path to discover a lovely young Rimu tree.


6 thoughts on “A gaggle of geese

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Many people feed these geese so they are used to people being close to them. They would be a different proposition if there were any goslings about. They waddled away to decide whether I could go past or not. There was much “under the breath” honking going on. I enjoyed meeting them today:-)

  1. Diana Drent

    Indeed you did get close. And the geese who showed the best side of her. Proud of her self and she is right.

    Something new for me is the rimu tree. I see you have a link, and I go read about it.


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