A walk around the Upper Lake

After I picked up some provisions from the local shops I went for a walk along the side of the Upper Lake in my suburb. We have two man-made lakes and the upper one is smaller, more wooded and quiet. It seemed an ideal place to walk, to reflect and to focus the camera.

A short distance down the path I came across these four geese.


On the lake were these white ducks.


As I approached the geese, two pukekos emerged from the long grass and headed to the lakeside, wary of my intrusion.


Many native trees grow along this path but there are also homes on the left-hand side and a splash of vibrant colour caught my eye in one spot.




I paused at seat near the lake edge and looked out at the water-lilies and the reflection in the water of one patch of blue sky.


We have some unusual looking trees in our bush. This Lancewood is one. It makes me think of primeval times.


My camera batteries died as I neared the steep incline at the end of the lake. That seemed a good indication that it was time to head home.


11 thoughts on “A walk around the Upper Lake

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  2. Diana Drent

    The geese look friendly. What kind of a bird is a pukekos?

    And the flowers, and the lake, oh soo beautiful.

    I want to live in NewZealand. It’s nice here in the Netherlands but with you it is great. In terms of nature, flowers, birds I’ve never heard of, and so on. Fascinating!

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      The geese are fed by many people so they are quite tame really. A Pukeko is a swamp hen -http://www.pukeko.ws/bird.html. This link will give you more information. New Zealand is a very very special and beautiful country. I am glad you are reading along and sharing my blog.


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