Another walk by the Pauatahanui Inlet

The long spell of unbroken summer weather continues on here and earlier in the week I went for a walk along the Inlet on the Camborne Walkway.

I began my walk with this view ahead of me.


The boatsheds are a colourful and eclectic group of buildings. Each has a different character which makes it a very interesting place to wander by.


And between each boatshed is a glimpse of the stunning Inlet on a stunning day.

There are creative additions on almost all the sheds.

A finial to keep away any witches that might be lurking.
Colours to surprise you and which match the heat of the day.

Nautical settings with summer flowers.

And all the time the slap, lap, slap, lap of the water beneath the sheds and around the posts.


This dachsund does not usually swim but this morning he was happy to stand, tummy deep in the warm water

As we both looked out over the view


13 thoughts on “Another walk by the Pauatahanui Inlet

  1. Gallivanta

    I could have joined the dachshund without any trouble. The water and the view and the boatsheds look wonderful. And no graffiti in sight? Some of the boatsheds seem to be more bach than boatshed.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      His owner was very surprised to see him paddle but it was hot and the water was very inviting! People used to live in these boatsheds but new by-laws prevent permanent occupation. There are always people “living” in them on weekends and holidays. They are all kept in good condition. I think Sam Hunt, the poet lived in one on the Inlet a long time ago:-)

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