Daily Archives: March 15, 2013

Riroriro in my garden

My luck was in today later in the afternoon. I had had my camera “at the ready” in attempt to capture a photo of our friendly fantail. He, however, had different ideas and flirted with me as he flitted and darted amongst the leaves of the Golden Elm tree. But he disappeared chirruping cheekily across to another garden and away.

My attention was caught a few minutes later when the delightfully melodious song of the Grey Warbler or Riroriro filled the garden close by me. Out on the climbing rose were a pair of these tiny native birds. I have heard them increasingly in the garden in the past two years which has been exciting.

At around 11cm in length, greyish coloured and able to dart and flick away rapidly in flight, they are really tricky to spot and even harder to take a photo of.

I crept out onto the deck with the camera already set to maximum zoom and watched with disappointment as the pair flew into the leafy Smoke Bush. I stood as still as I could and suddenly this little bird popped out onto a barer branch.

Do go to this link for more detail about this marvellous wee bird and click on the sound recording of its impressive song. Impressive in its utter beauty but also in the large sound such a tiny bird produces.

I posted here about the Shining Cuckoo which infiltrates the nest of a Grey Warbler and is raised by these diminutive birds often after kicking the young warblers out of their nest. Another post here about the Shining Cuckoo.

I hope to be posting a photo of the fantail any day soon but for today I am content.


Save our Longfin eel!

Our longfin eel is amazing! It spawns somewhere near Tonga (at the end of its life), its elvers can climb 43 metres up vertical surfaces and it’s as endangered as our little spotted kiwi.

Eel lovers will be descending on Parliament next Tuesday to put a moratorium on the commercial harvesting of longfin eel, so sign our petition and join the march. http://www.forestandbird.org.nz/what-we-do/events/march-longfins

Read more here – http://www.forestandbird.org.nz/saving-our-environment/freshwater-/lifeline-longfins