At last!

I have been on the hunt to capture a photo of two of our delightful, but oh so fast moving, pretty fantails or Piwakawaka.
I do not have the perfect shot but here are some “almost got you”.


And two shots that I am much happier with given the ceaseless activity of these New Zealand natives.

How about this for a tail at full fan…..?


12 thoughts on “At last!

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Thanks. You are so right. They are very, very fast movers. I’ve taken plenty of photos showing the absence of a fantail after my subject flitted off while the shutter snapped!

  1. mothercat2013

    Oh, well done! I am very impressed – they are SO difficult to capture because they just never settle for more than a second or two at the most: such busy little birds, they are! I’m still trying to get organised with the short video I took of the one around my house last week – I didn’t realise that you have to upgrade to VideoPress or whatever it is to upload a video to your blog, but it could do with a little editing as well, and I haven’t got round to that yet – maybe over Easter? 🙂

  2. Solitude

    With today’s digital camera it is easy to make multiple pictures. How often did you take pictures of these lovely birds?

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      I try and take many photos of our lovely native birds. We are very lucky that conservation measures have seen the numbers of different native birds increase dramatically.


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