A Monday memory

Can you remember getting letters with OHMS on them and can you remember when they stopped coming?

This one carries a date in 1987.


8 thoughts on “A Monday memory

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      My adult daughter commented on it. I guess it must have ceased when things were deregulated and computers began to become more widely used. But I don’t know. Perhaps someone will know and tell us here.

  1. mothercat2013

    Were these letters from government departments or something? I certainly remember my parents receiving some of these when we were in Zimbabwe (my dad worked for the Ministry of Agriculture there). Have you been having a clean-out that you’ve come across one dated 1987??? 😉

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Yes letters from government departments (or the Queen!!!!) had this on the envelope. We hear from less from such places nowadays. The envelope in question came from my late mother’s sewing stash. She had put spare “domes and buttons” in this envelope and had labelled it as such. I needed domes to complete the Easter bonnet I made for my wee granddaughter:-)

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Hi Diana. When I was growing up letters which came from Government departments always had the initials O.H.M.S printed on the envelope. The letters stand for “On Her Majesty’s Service”. New Zealand is a member of the British Commonwealth and Queen Elizabeth 11 is still regarded as the head of our country….a figure-head really nowadays. Some time after 1987 things must have changed and OHMS is no longer printed on letters received from Government Departments. My adult daughter asked me about this envelope and it made me think!


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