Autumn glow

I wandered about the garden on Sunday afternoon in temperatures reaching up to 20 C. It was hot and sunny with that lovely mellow light of autumn. I wanted to take photos of the native plants in the garden to share with you here on the blog.

As I was doing that and checking to see if I had missed any down in the tall tree corner, my eye was caught by the glow of the sun through the thick, glossy, tough leaves of the Magnolia.


This is the non-deciduous Magnolia which produces huge creamy coloured “tulip” flowers. (Note: while it does not shed its leaves in a seasonal burst like my other Magnolia does, it certainly drops lots and lots of leathery leaves all year round but mostly during summer.)


I was surprised that the sun could penetrate such leathery leaves that, en masse, form great light blocking density.

It was an extra and unexpected pleasure on my garden stroll.


2 thoughts on “Autumn glow

  1. Gallivanta

    I love those magnolia trees with the big creamy tulip flowers. Lovely the way you have captured the light through the leaves; it is fascinating.


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