Come for a walk around the native plants in my garden

It is a really miserable day here with a howling cold southerly blowing and showers sweeping over at regular intervals. Winter is showing its hand.

But on a beautiful, warm late autumn afternoon over the weekend I wandered about my garden to photograph examples of the native trees or plants I enjoy. Some of the specimens were planted by the previous owner of the house who was a passionate gardener. Some have been planted by us and even more have been the result of birds dropping seeds into the garden and the natives have taken root and flourished.

I have attempted to find the identifying names for the plants but please let me know if I have named one incorrectly.

I hope you enjoy the stroll too.

Taupata Coprosma Repens

Coprosma Repens

Native hebe

Native hebe

Kowhai "Dragon's gold" Sophora microphylla

Kowhai “Dragon’s gold”
Sophora microphylla

Whiteywood.  Mahoe Melicytus ramiflorus

Whiteywood. Mahoe
Melicytus ramiflorus

Cabbage tree. Te Kouka. Cordyline Australis

Cabbage tree. Te Kouka.
Cordyline Australis

5 fingers.  Pseudopanax laetus

5 fingers. Pseudopanax laetus

5 fingers

5 fingers

Lancewood. Pseudopanax crassifolius

Lancewood. Pseudopanax crassifolius

Griselinia littoralis "variegata"

Griselinia littoralis “variegata”

Puka Puka.  Meryta sinclairii

Puka Puka. Meryta sincalairii

puka puka seeds

puka puka seeds


15 thoughts on “Come for a walk around the native plants in my garden

  1. Gallivanta

    What a beautiful selection of native plants. Is your kowhai flowering now? It’s a miserable day here too. I am sure if the clouds would lift I would see snow on Banks Peninsula.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Thank you. Yes the Kowhai is flowering – it is a feature of the dwarf variety “Dragon’s Gold” It is a nice bonus at this time of the year. I haven’t seen any Tuis feeding off it though. Brrr snow, but it is certainly cold enough.

  2. Jo Woolf

    Lovely! The Dragon’s Gold has strange looking flowers. A couple of these seem familiar – maybe introduced over here. I’m glad to see you had some late autumn sunshine!

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Thanks Jo. I heard a gardener speaking during the week about establishing a special garden in England and being able to access New Zealand natives with ease once he is over there. The Dragon’s Gold flowers are quite tightly clustered but are very similar to the larger Kowhai trees which flower in spring…..check those out here:

  3. mothercat2013

    Nice! I enjoyed my stroll around your garden, thank you 🙂 And you’ve helped to identify a couple of mystery plants for me as well, so that was very helpful! Good to be able to enjoy a sunny day and get out with the camera, isn’t it – our forecast is fine for this weekend, so I’m looking forward to that, although I will be inside all day on Sunday, playing in a bridge tournament … 🙂

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Thanks. I did have to look up the names of some of the natives in the garden. The light was particularly good for photography last weekend. Not looking very promising this weekend. Better to be playing bridge here….go well with that:-)

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