Catch me! Catch me!……if you can!

I am persisting in my attempts to achieve a great shot of the fantails (Piwakawaka) who are constantly visiting the garden at the moment. They are playful, cheeky, wee birds who can fly temptingly close to humans at times. They are not still for more than a second or two and all the while they chirrup and tweet in a very happy manner. As insect eaters they dive in and out amongst the leaves on trees to find food which also means a clear view is almost impossible. But I am not deterred and it is a joy to watch them flit about.

Here are some of my recent attempts…..

Found me in the maple tree!

Now I’m on the creeper on the trellis…can you see me?

Clear shot! Got me….mostly

I’m off again

Hey! Over here I am on the fence now….

But I’m off! See you later…..

Tweet, tweet, I’m back again, quick!!!!


7 thoughts on “Catch me! Catch me!……if you can!

  1. Leanne

    Delightful cheeky birds, ours come inside SHOCK horror. They also zip in and out in front of the cats – such teases! You got some great shots of them well done.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Thanks Leanne. I am really enjoying their friendliness and special qualities. I think would Jazz would enjoy chasing one about the house! Eeek. So far the fantails have stayed outside.

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