Daily Archives: May 23, 2013

Watching eyes

Earlier in the week I sat in an empty house waiting for a tradesman to come and repair an appliance. The householders had to be at work and this repair was essential The arrival time of the repairer spanned about an hour.

While I waited I took some photos in the garden and watched the light change in a house built with walls made of wood. They are called “Lockwood” homes here and the light certainly plays on and off the walls in a very different manner to the walls here at home.

As I drank my cup of tea I looked more closely at the walls and noticed all these “eyes” watching me….





I have been thinking a lot about hands and the work they do across so many skills and tasks.

Being able to stroke the warm fur of my cat on my knee is one of the nicest things my hands do every day.
Jazz often returns my touch with a smile…..