Moon lights on the Magnolia

The full moon was beaming down last night as I let Jazz outside into the clear, chilly conditions. Jazz is rather partial to the full moon and its dramatic light. Perhaps all cats are.

My eye was caught by pretty lights on the Magnolia tree. The green, glossy leaves of the white, tulip flowered Magnolia were catching the moonbeams and “decorating” the tree in splashes of white shininess as if someone had strung fairy lights through the tree.

My point and shoot is not a great camera to use in the darkness but you may be able to make out the lights. The effect in real time was bright and beautiful.

4 thoughts on “Moon lights on the Magnolia

  1. Juliet

    How beautiful this must have been Lynley. Last night I was sitting around a bonfire under the same full moon. There was definitely magic in the air.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      It was very beautiful Juliet. A bonfire, the chilly night and that full night must have contained a lot of special energy for you to soak up. I am just about to post an edited version of my rather poor photo which gives more definition.


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