Light and shadow

Both light and shadow are the
dance of love.


I have been playing with light more as I go about with my camera and realising that a slightly different angle on an adjacent object can offer up very different results.

Wherever there is light there is also shadow and in these two photos taken last week in warmer autumn sunshine I was surprised to see that a subtle shift of the camera gave me a very different picture with the shadows defined as strongly as the light.

Here is the first photo I made as I enjoyed the light on this highly patterned ice plant.

And then the subtle shift to this. I love the strong shadows and the quote from Rumi above seemed apt for this revelation.


10 thoughts on “Light and shadow

  1. Gallivanta

    I love these photos; both of them. I have been busy on Snapfish making some of my photos into posters (big discounts on offer today!). These two photos of yours would make lovely wall art.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      I love the spiral look of these plants and the love shape of each segment.
      Thanks for the encouraging comment. Snapfish offers some great deals.


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