The winter garden

Winter officially began yesterday.

The winter garden holds different views as some autumnal aspects hold on while other aspects are in winter mode.
The Golden Elm shedding its leaves slowly, slowly.
The perky face of a self -sown pansy.
The blood-red branchlets of the near bare Japanese Maple tree. Doesn’t this colour speak of things to come in spring?
A small toadstool that survived for a day.

The wet outdoor garden chair after the hail showers earlier in the week.


8 thoughts on “The winter garden

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Thanks Ruth. There is always something going on in the garden, no matter the season. Those self-sown pansies are a bonus. I see them when I peg out the washing and enjoy the splash of colour.

  1. Leanne

    I always hang out till the Winter Solstice t before I say its winter Not that I am complaining this year it is soo mild – WONDERFUL! Pansy’s are such fun little flowers.


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