Isra, the hedgehog on video.

Regular readers will remember that I blogged about a sick hedgehog here. She was named Isra and is being cared for by Jacqui in a Hedgehog Rescue haven. Jacqui has several “hogs” in her care, returning them to good health so that they can be released to a rural property far from roads and relatively free of predators once winter is over.

Earlier this week Jacqui updated Isra’s progress. Isra now weighs a kilo and her new quills are growing now that the mange has been cured. Naturally Isra would like to hibernate but that would stop her quill regrowth and delay her release in spring. In order to prevent hibernation she is being kept very warm on her heating disc again.

Jacqui also posted this video on the Hedgehog Rescue (NZ) Facebook page. If you turn the sound up on your computer you can hear Jacqui talking to Isra and describing her as friendly and inquisitive.

Thanks again Jacqui for the treatment and care you have given to Isra and the other hedgehogs in your care :-))


23 thoughts on “Isra, the hedgehog on video.

  1. Juliet

    This is so amazing – to see those healthy quills coming through and the tender care she is receiving. It must be satisfying for you Lynley, to have such a good outcome.

      1. Gallivanta

        It’s interesting to realise that all creatures respond to love and gentle voices; or at least I think ALL creatures do; even lions?

  2. Forest So Green

    How very interesting that she will skip the hibernation this year. I think we humans view hibernation as “sleeping” but obviously if Isra will be released in the spring, she can survive without having a hibernation. I suppose she has a regular sleep cycle during her recovery.

  3. Jacqui

    Just a few weeks to go and Isra will be set free, she is doing great, eating well and has very healthy poop.
    She no longer has the heat disc as the weather is warming up.
    Will add pic’s etc on her release day.

    We have a new hedgehog site for anyone who would like to know all about them or needs care etc.
    It’s on facebook as Hedgehog Rescue New Zealand.

    Jacqui (Hedgehog Rescue New Zealand.

  4. Jacqui

    Last night Isra’s cage was put out on the deck, she had a good night even though we had a frost.
    I was expecting her to try and hibernate but she was lovely and warm in her hay.
    My other hog however has decided he doesn’t like the cold and is trying to hibernate.
    Isra’s last day/release photo’s will be on the new site once she is released.

    Jacqui (Hedgehog rescue New Zealand)

  5. Jacqui

    Naughty Isra has decided it’s too cold for her and is trying to hibernate so I have put off her release for at least another week, will keep you updated as to when she goes free.
    To set her free now wouldn’t be good.

    Jacqui ( Hedgehog Rescue New Zealand )


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