I am reading Howard Zehr’s book “The Little Book of Contemplative Photography” and he mentions that “watchfulness” can be a useful approach to receiving images that you might like to photograph.

On a lovely sun-soaked afternoon yesterday I adopted a “watchful” approach and here is what caught my eye in the garden.

First daffodil emerging




22 thoughts on “Watchfulness

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      I loved the word, especially with regard to using my camera. I was thrilled to see how the apple glowed in the late afternoon sunshine….the apple is all gone now!

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      We have had such mild temperatures for some days now plus lots of sunshine and these daffs have leapt ahead. My Mum always loved the Snowdrops. I also snipped a couple of sprigs of Daphne off my new bush today.

      1. ordinarygood Post author

        We planted this bush last winter so it is young but covered in flowers. I don’t think I will snip any more this year but simply enjoy the perfume. Our winter has been peculiar in the extreme.

  1. Gallivanta

    Your watchfulness was rewarded! A daff! I saw some blossom on a tree today. Gave me quite a surprise. I am so often in a rush when I take photos. I think watchfulness is an excellent concept to keep in mind.

      1. Gallivanta

        And I saw a pair of thrushes on our outing yesterday. They weren’t singing but it was just a pleasure to see them enjoying the warm day and plenty of food.

      2. ordinarygood Post author

        Nice “watchfulness” then! My songster continues to trill and warble. I keep a watch out for a mate but no sign in the trees as yet.

      3. ordinarygood Post author

        He has no problems doing his singing practice. His mother would be proud of his diligence. I do have to wonder if part of his territorial boundary marking includes calling for a mate.

      4. Gallivanta

        Since the thrush is monogamous, the female may be taking her time to ensure she has found the right mate 🙂 If you are going to be with someone for life, you need to know that you can stand his voice!

  2. mothercat2013

    “Watchfulness” – I like it! Nice photos too – love that bird feeder with the apple, it looks very enticing so I’m not surprised to read it’s all gone a day later 🙂 Your post inspired me to get outside myself this afternoon with the camera (I’ll be posting shortly) – it is interesting what can catch your eye when you become more contemplative and open to images that would escape you on other occasions, so thank you for the prompt!

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