Cloud contemplation

I am still contemplating these cloud photos and what they remind me of and why they speak to me quite strongly.



What do you see in these clouds and how do they speak to you?


14 thoughts on “Cloud contemplation

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      I thought of kapok or dacron when I saw the clouds last evening. But looking at the photos today I was not so sure. I like the idea of snuggly, cocooned, soft comfort. Perhaps the sky is offering us this as the land beneath us continues to quake?

      1. Gallivanta

        Yes, comfort in the ‘heavens’ so to speak. The radio tells me that you have had some more shaking and rumbling in the past 24 hours.

      2. ordinarygood Post author

        Yes comfort from the “heavens”…..yes oodles more earthquakes but most of them too small to feel. The bigger ones have been felt and cause us concern and anxiety.

      3. Gallivanta

        Hold tight, under the table, if necessary! And have a big soft fluffy duvet handy for extra cover. But you know what always puzzles me about drop, hold and cover……how the heck I am going to get myself up again, creaky legs, stiff back and all.

      4. ordinarygood Post author

        My knees prevent getting down under the table these days. I stand in a doorway. We’ve lived in this house nearly 25 years and so far it seems to have withstood a lot of seismic action intact. Jazz has a soft duvet on the sofa that he is asleep on right now. I’m sure he would share that:-)

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      They were terrific clouds and many were still around early this morning. The photos seemed to show lines of energy or movement even though the air was totally calm. I like the image of ploughed fields.

  1. Jo Woolf

    Wow, you’re right – we have both been gazing skywards! Love these photos. What an awesome sky! The clouds remind me of icebergs breaking away from a glacier. I’m also reminded of the graphics they show you on TV, when they are explaining how the different sections of the continents came together when the earth was formed. This doesn’t look like the most restful sky but I do love the effects!


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