Saturday stunners

After the gales during the week the Magnolia tree has looked battered and bruised.

But storm damage reveals a different beauty to wonder at.




7 thoughts on “Saturday stunners

  1. Gallivanta

    Even in mature age there is beauty ;)! In the first photo, it looks as though there may still be a few blooms to open yet; so the wind hasn’t destroyed everything.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Lol….mature beauty on good days;-) I need to look at the tree again but I think you are correct about more buds to bloom. However the winds are forecast to blow again and that does so often happen as this tree bursts forth:-((

      1. Gallivanta

        We had a stunningly good day here, today, so we’ll probably get cold winds tomorrow. My daffodils were bowled over in the rain the other day. They perked up a bit today.

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