Trees wave in the wind

When life is tough we are encouraged to bring a tall tree to mind and note how well it sways and bends in stormy gales.

Nature offers us a metaphor to assist us through our stresses and crises.

I found waves in the timber along the length of this fallen, large tree. A tree’s built-in flexibility on show.





7 thoughts on “Trees wave in the wind

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    1. ordinarygood Post author

      I snatched these photos as another hail shower swept in earlier in the week. The fallen tree is across an unused access-way in the old Porirua Hospital Grounds(Mental hospital years ago). It is a little difficult to work out where exactly it came from as there is no stump on either side of the little road. Given that no one wants to upgrade this vast area of land at the moment I suspect it will simply stay where it is. Children would love to clamber all over it I would think:-)

      1. ordinarygood Post author

        The tree has knobbly bits where branches have been cut off and they would make great hand-holds. On a fine day the view would be very pleasant too.

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