Tuesday Triumph

A good many years ago Cable Television infrastructure was installed underground in our suburb. It took a lot of digging and many disruptions to other underground services (water, gas and power) and we were left with ugly, little green boxes on the edges of our sections.

One neighbour had the misfortune to be at a junction point and so he received a more sizeable ugly, green box.
He is a passionate gardener and negotiated a deal with the contractors around the unsightly box. The result was the planting of a camellia bush and over the years it has grown just as he wanted it to and it now obscures the eyesore.

Cable television was a major flop and the green boxes remain but I think this Camellia is a real triumph of beauty over blight.


13 thoughts on “Tuesday Triumph

  1. Gallivanta

    I absolutely agree with you. And the camellia is far easier on the eye than any cable television programme might have been! The diggers are planning to be in our street soon to dig up the pavement to install ultra fast broadband. Oh what fun!!! Just what we need; more dug up streets and rough pavements.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Cable TV was such a waste of money. No one asked us whether we wanted it. Rather like the ultra fast broadband. They were here two years ago and very few people have hooked on since then. And very few approaches have been made to get us signed up. Will it be another “dead duck” I wonder?
      I hope the installation goes smoothly for you. There seems to be pay disputes now around the installation work.

      1. Gallivanta

        Yes, that is probably why they haven’t started yet. I was expecting them to start last month. My son has ultra fast broadband and says it is good. And I would like faster broadband, too, but I think nothing will really help until the cables leaving NZ to other countries are improved.

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