My parent’s advice

When I was a child growing up in New Zealand my parents always said that “if you are in need then ask a Policeman.” (Not so many Policewomen back then)
Today was one of those spring days in Wellington when it is brutally cold, relentlessly wet and the wind is a gale coming straight off the Antarctic ice shelf. Not much of a day for venturing out. But an appointment this morning saw me head off rugged up.

I knew that I would have some difficulty in the gusty strong wind to hold the car door open as I got in and out of the car. Car parks are notoriously narrow and it is easy to damage another car if the door swings wildly in the wind. I declined an offer of help from a family member saying I would ask a passer-by for help if I needed it.

As I returned to my car I could see that the gap was narrow to the next car and the wind was still buffeting everything in its path. I determined to seek help and who should stride past me but a policeman!!!!

Challenge solved as I asked him for help. He was more than happy to hold the door for me and would have backed the car out of the car park for me had it been necessary. We laughed about “parental advice” to ask a Policeman/Woman and after I thanked him again off he went on his beat.


15 thoughts on “My parent’s advice

  1. Gallivanta

    Too lovely 🙂 I was given that advice as well. I am glad it still works. When I was youngish, about 10 years old I think, I wanted desperately to ride on a ferris wheel that had come to our local park. My parents said I was not to go for a ride but a friend badgered me in to doing so. One small problem was that I was in the park with my little sister in tow. I knew I couldn’t risk her life on the ferris wheel. So what to do? Why, ask the nice policeman to look after her. So I did, and he obliged! He was somewhat bemused about my request. I didn’t much enjoy the ride. I was horrified when I got off and couldn’t find the policeman at first. Then, when we got home, although my 3 year old sister had been sworn to silence, she let the cat out the bag……oh dear. Well, no one could be too, too cross, because I had asked a policeman for help 😀

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Great story! Nowadays the police might be knocking on a parental door asking why a very small child was out wandering with a young child under the age of 14. Different days back then eh?
      The spelling police in my head have just amended my error – Policewomen, not Woman!

      1. ordinarygood Post author

        My Dad was an English teacher so more parental advice circulating – ALWAYS check your spelling!!! He would have loved the story from today with the constabulary coming to my rescue, at just the right instant! He would probably sing a line or two such as “a policeman’s lot is not a happy one….happy one”!

      2. Gallivanta

        Ah, and I suppose he would say, today, always check your spelling, especially after it has been checked by spell checker. I think our newspapers do not follow this advice.

      3. ordinarygood Post author

        I think you would be correct about that. He would be overjoyed with the successes around improving our native bird numbers. I often think of him when the Tuis are around. When Mum and Dad were first married they had a Tui who sang from an Apricot tree next to their house. Dad always marvelled at the double voice box the Tui have. Dad was very musically gifted.

      4. Gallivanta

        How wonderful. A tui in an apricot tree. I tried to find a Tui video that I could put on the sidebar of my blog but I didn’t find any that were satisfactory. Will keep looking. I loved looking through the list of birds in the voting list; seeing how the numbers have changed for the endangered birds. Did your father sing as well as play? I do miss hearing my daughter’s singing.

      5. ordinarygood Post author

        Mum and Dad both spoke of their first home(hovel really) and the Tui in the apricot tree. I bet my Mum made jam from that tree!
        I loved the bird voting list too and I met some birds I had not known about before:-)
        My Dad did sing very well, played a range of instruments, arranged music, transposed it……
        I have a singing daughter too…..just lovely.

      6. Gallivanta

        That’s all music to my eyes. My grandfather was a great amateur singer. My brother and his sons have inherited that talent as has my daughter. The rest of us have been left a bit tone deaf I think. 😦

  2. Juliet

    What a nice story, and so funny. Someone today commented on the fierce wind that’s come to Auckland, and said, ‘I like it because it reminds me of Wellington!’

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      I am still giggling about my Mr Plod today Juliet. He was very kind:-)
      The wind here today was VERY Wellington. News of Tornados and high winds in Auckland is not welcome. I hope you are safe and sound. Calm is returning here now:-)

  3. Forest So Green

    What a nice story. My uncle was a policeman and he also was a “Santa Claus” at the department store 🙂


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