Monday moment

Trying the adult world on for size….



14 thoughts on “Monday moment

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      I remember as a child wearing Mum’s high heels and thinking how important I was because of the “clicking”. There must be power in clicks:-) The shoes in the photo were quickly discarded and the wee one went back to her almost two year old world:-)

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      This wee one just loves putting on and taking off clothing and accessory items at the moment. Dolls and teddies get the same treatment! “I do it because I can” is often the mantra of the small person.

      1. ordinarygood Post author

        That is remarkable given some parts of the South Island have been badly blown about but very good news for you. Weird warmth….hmmmm. Chilly here.

      2. ordinarygood Post author

        A huge gust just before 5pm saw a redundant TV aerial come loose on our roof. Fingers crossed the cables hold it from flying off to America…..That aerial is one thing I did not think of in terms of checking after the big storm in June.
        My daughter was on a bus that had just gone past the building site on Willis St where the scaffolding collapsed…whew….here’s to
        Calm for all.

      3. ordinarygood Post author

        We tend to be pretty blase where wind is concerned but today has been another wake-up about severity and the need to check home maintenance. My daughter deserved some good fortune and it came her way:-)
        Fingers crossed for your shepherd’s delight being shared about.

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