Three Cheers for the Fire Brigade!

We had another storm hit our area yesterday with gusty winds reaching up to 140kms per hour. Normally we fare reasonably well in a North-westerly but a huge gust of wind just before 5pm last night caused an old television aerial to break loose from its metal plate which had been attached to the gable of the house. The noise of the aerial hitting the roof caused me to check around the property and finally locate the problem.

Our neighbour has a good view of our roof and was able to reassure me that the cabling for the aerial was still intact and the aerial appeared to be wedged around another smaller, modern aerial. I called the emergency services but they were too stretched with other priorities to come and ensure the aerial was not a threat to life or property.
However this morning the aerial had moved considerably and any cabling was no longer visible. While the wind has thankfully gone the rain is falling in a steady and heavy manner so no roof expeditions could be mounted safely.
A call to our local fire station saw this fire truck and four firemen arrive within 10 minutes of my phone call.
They were only too happy to remove the fallen aerial and ensure everything was secure high up on the roof.
It all seemed a very simple task with their correct clothing, footwear and equipment but what really impressed me was their attention to the drills and practices that they used and which they constantly ensure are second nature to their tasks and teamwork.
Three cheers for the Fire Brigade I say!!!! And the three year olds who live across the road loved watching it all and being waved to by the friendly fire crew.


17 thoughts on “Three Cheers for the Fire Brigade!

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Thank goodness the aerial did not take off and cause injury or damage. With the relentless rain this morning it was wonderful to have the local fire crew on call.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      It was a relief that no one was injured and no damage resulted from the disconnected aerial. The wind was particularly fierce and these chaps had been very busy yesterday assisting people. They are impressive.

  1. Gallivanta

    Has the weather settled a little now? And, yes, 3 cheers for the firemen. Much better to call them than fall off a ladder yourself and have to have someone call an ambulance!!! I can imagine how much fun your little neighbours were having, watching the firemen and the big fire truck.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      The wind stopped overnight thank goodness but allowed the steady rain to take hold. We are saturated as well as windswept. The rain stopped around lunch time but it has been very cold and I can hear the wind getting up again now.
      The toy fire engines came out over the road evidently after the heroes departed:-)

      1. ordinarygood Post author

        Ahhh the hot, dry winds thanks to the Alps. We get the chilly, damp version straight off the Tasman Sea, mutter, mumble…..not sure which is worse really.

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