This time last year…..

I have been watching the Bottle Brush bushes closely in the past week in the hope that I would see the colourful red brushes emerging. There is nothing yet but I can see plenty of the knobbly cases that the flowers burst from. This is another dish on the Tui and Wax eyes’ menu and provides a colourful show in the garden.
Tui on flax

Wax eye

Wax eye

There have been signs of abundant new growth on the three bushes but the cold spring and lack of sunshine has probably delayed the flowers appearance.
This time last year the” table” was well covered with Tui nectar of the bottle brush kind. See this post.

This year I am watching this space, and awaiting developments, as they say…..


18 thoughts on “This time last year…..

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      So am I and the darling Tuis will be satiated once the brushes burst forth plus the fine dining they are still enjoying at the sugar water feeder. We have sunshine today (!!!!!) plus a good Wgtn gale so the warmth might bring forth the flowers….fingers crossed. I’m about to reply to your email before we go out to get some vegetables.

      1. Gallivanta

        It is so windy here today that I lost track of my washing momentarily! It is on a rack; the rack was tied to a post and yet still the rack blew away, complete with washing. Haven’t had that happen before.

      2. ordinarygood Post author

        News reports indicate that is rough down your way yet again. I hope you keep your power supply and your washing, plus rack. We had a gust of almost 68kms here around 4pm……we have a weather station here in Whitby, Porirua, which keeps us updated on matters meterological.

      3. ordinarygood Post author

        And I have just read on a news website that there is a nasty pong being smelt over Christchurch today! I doubt any pong would last here with this gale:-)

  1. Juliet

    The winds have disrupted things this year, haven’t they? It’s interesting to compare years and see that it really is different this year. Today in Auckland has been beautifully fine: such a surprise!


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