Isra, the hedgehog update

Here is a short video clip off Facebook showing a very happy and healthy Isra Isra 13 June (6) and her carer Jacqui.

Jacqui has messaged me today to say she is hopeful that she has found a release spot for Isra and some other of her hedgehogs who are fit and ready to live in the wild again. It has been difficult to find suitable areas where there is no baiting or trapping, busy roads and other ‘hog hazards.


20 thoughts on “Isra, the hedgehog update

      1. ordinarygood Post author

        Jacqui certainly knows all about hedgehogs. Once upon a time a chiropractor had my son lying on his back and hanging over the end of his bed with his head dropping to ease his neck pain. It helped as he did it but I’m not sure it worked long term……Yoga and Pilates might offer something similar???

      2. ordinarygood Post author

        That piece made the internet news too. Really the experts do not know but the media like to quizz them and highlight the drama. We had some ghastly earthquake data recently too which I did not read.

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