Paws and Pause

There has been a pause in my blogging in the past wee while. In part it has been due to the owner of these paws.

Jazz, our cat, is almost 15 years old and in the past 3 months ageing has suddenly impacted on him. We knew earlier this year that he has arthritis in his lower spine which means he can no longer spring nimbly and strongly using his back legs.
Then in August his pain levels increased and it was discovered that he had slipped a disc in his back in a different area of his spine. With advice and treatment from the vet that has healed up. However we then noticed he was limping on his front leg/s. X rays show that he has quite severe degeneration in his front elbows and their elbows take a fair percentage of a cat’s weight as they move about.

So Jazz is sore and stiff and now an indoor cat on various medications to support him and keep him as comfy as we can. He has always been a very sociable and lively cat. Not one to sleep contentedly in the garden. Neighbours often reported his visits and some of the neighbours lived a fair distance away. I think Jazz has worn out, not rusted out, as the saying goes.
Increasing the care of a cat requires increased observation, clock watching to time pain relief, tempting an appetite now borne of suspicion about what else might be added in to the food, encouraging more water consumption during hot days in a hot house and of course lots of extra patting and attention.

Jazz does send his Christmas Greetings however having settled for some of today in this Christmas hamper box:-)
At the same time I have been hobbling with a sore left knee. I too have some degenerative changes and up until late November there was a mysterious “loose body” that appeared on images of the joint. After several unpleasant locking incidents this year I agreed to an arthroscopy. The “loose body” was deftly plucked out and I am pleased to report that my knee is feeling much freer and lighter.

My challenge now is to get my knee moving fully again after all the hobbling about. The joint has become stiff and reluctant to straighten and bend fully. So exercises are a big part of my daily routine now. Holding on to the kitchen bench is a great place for knee exercises and I am on increasingly friendly terms with my physiotherapist. As well I am walking further each day as I rebuild my fitness, stamina and remind my brain to walk normally again.

11 thoughts on “Paws and Pause

  1. realruth

    Dear OG, I had wondered about your blog silence in recent weeks, and am glad you’ve now shared the reason. Jazz is a lucky cat to have such a devoted owner caring for him and making his senior years as pleasant as possible. It’s good to know that you too are receiving care, and I wish you the very best for a full and speedy return to fitness.

  2. Juliet

    So sorry to hear of these troubles Lynley. I’m glad that you are getting such good help with your knee. It must be a relief to get moving again. I hope you find restored mobility over the holiday period.

  3. mothercat2013

    Awww, loved the photo of Jazz in the Christmas box! Sorry to hear that you and he have both been a little below par of late, hope that medication and exercise will ease the aches and pains for each of you 🙂

  4. kiwiyarns

    I was wondering about your silence too. I’m sorry to hear that your cat is suffering the effects of old age. It’s a very sad thing when that happens to a beloved pet. Still, he is in very good hands, and he’s very lucky to have you. Glad to hear that your knee has been sorted out. Welcome back to the land of the mobile! Merry Christmas!

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Happy Holidays to you too! It has been a very challenging time with a bunch of things all culminating at once and we are not be through it all yet…..
      Jazz is more comfortable now on the new pain relief although he does look out windows wistfully at times.
      The physio and I are on increasingly good terms as we work to get my knee moving fully. Who knew there were so many exercises to do!!! Best get off and bend and stretch some more.

  5. Jo Woolf

    Sorry to hear about your knee, Lyn, and also about Jazz’s confinement. I love the pic of him in the box! I hope that you continue to improve, and that Jazz accepts his new lifestyle with not too much bother. Very best wishes to you both!

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Thanks for the good wishes Jo. Jazz does seem to have adjusted pretty well although I think the pain relief drugs might be part of that. I’m off to get the next dose into him now… is hidden in food he normally scoffs but he is a cat and is looking askance at it so far….sigh! 🙂 Big pats to Purdey and Jazz sends wise old purrs!!!


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