On a clear day you can see forever

We have lived in this area for over 25 years and naturally many changes have happened in that time. When we first lived here this hill to the northwest of our home was named “Pine tree Hill” by the children because that described it perfectly.
Pinetree hill and moon

Eventually the pine trees were felled and the logs that were commercially viable were taken away. The bare sides of the hill were hard to look at. But very quickly mass planting of natives began and they are all well-established along with many flowering cherry trees and other plants that have resulted from birds dropping seeds. The hill provides cover and food for many of the regenerating native bird populations.

Last year our city council spent some money on making a look out area on the most northern part of this hill. Earlier this week these photos were taken from this wonderful vantage point on what is now known as the Spinnaker Lookout.

This is the view back to my “neck of the woods”
The photo below shows the large area of trees, native and exotic that cover a hillside near my home and which is a great home for our birds and wildlife as well as wonderful places for children to play in the natural world.
This view is the Lookout at the end of my street and which is currently under the gaze of the city council to perhaps “improve” it in some way. We will give careful thought to our submission as this area is windswept and natural with growing areas of natives and home to visits by the Shining Cuckoo, tui flocks and families and no doubt many other birds. It is a great area for children to play on in a free and natural manner using their imaginations.
DSCF6473 I look out onto these hills from the kitchen window above the sink. The hills are extremely dry at the moment thanks to all the winds we have had this summer and the lower rainfall in the past few weeks. I like the micro-view I have of these hills as I watch the light and shadows change, the weather changes and the movement of cattle from time to time. This photo is much more of a big picture view.
Back to the east is the Pauatahanui Inlet with the small settlement of Pauatahahui at the head of the Inlet.
A shift to the west shows the Inlet, then the entrance to the Porirua Harbour and in the distance the Tasman Sea. Somewhere over the horizon is Australia.
Finally a more western view shows the South Island as blue hills off in the distance.
Large trees block any view due south into another section of my suburb.
This photograph shows the village of Whitby and some areas of earthworks as development moves apace again.
At the vantage point high on Spinnaker Hill there are two large signs offering visitors links to various places of interest with a historical reference or two, some ecology information and links to other walking tracks as well as the interesting symbol that smart phones can read and then provide more information.
There is a large seat to rest on after the rigorous climb to this point and the plantings around this and the signs on the vantage point have been selected to survive conditions in this very windy spot. You can tell which way the predominant wind blows from this tough, drought resistance grass.

Even on this cloudless day there was a stiff nor’wester blowing.

The path down through the wind tossed exotic gum trees crackling with cicadas and off home for a well earned cup of tea.


20 thoughts on “On a clear day you can see forever

  1. Juliet

    What a beautiful environment you live in Lynley. So rich in native trees, big perspectives and then there is that peaceful inlet. The hills do look dry, but the trees look very healthy. Thank you for the inspiring tour.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Thank you Juliet. Whitby was a planned development back in the early 1970s with all manner of special covenants and requirements. One of the best requirements was for lots of green space and scenic reserves. As time has gone on there has been greater awareness of the need for native trees to support regeneration of the birdlife hence the plantings that are now looking so good.
      I never tire of the Inlet in all its moods – I imagine you enjoy your inner harbour in a similar manner?

  2. Gallivanta

    Gosh what superb views! Did you see me waving from the South Island? 😉 Amazing how quickly the native bush has regenerated with a little help. One thing I really miss at my present home is a view. I have to rely on the computer screen for that wider world view!

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Certainly a great vantage point. I did send greetings to you and Ruth “down south” as we say here:-)

      My actual views here are limited from the house but I enjoy the glimpses I get.

      Juliet has been showing us wide views of Auckland which have been impressive…..and she climbs the volcanoes which is even more impressive. I can only manage a virtual climb!

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Thank you. Those gum trees were thrashing about in the wind which made them look rather strange in the photo. It was lunch time so the light was glaring too. The decibel level must have been off the safe scale with all the cicadas chorusing and the smell of hot gums filled the air. Quite a sensory experience!

      1. kiwiskan

        I think it was the obvious movement in the gums that appealed to me. The cicadas here have been extreme as well. Your description has given me some ideas for a haiku…

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      I did hope to gain a wider perspective on things in my life right now but I think I just really enjoyed the weather and the views! Plus some nostalgia….thanks for your encouraging comment:-)

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      I live in a wonderful area and the weather was wonderfully clear.

      I only added the gum tree and path pic at the last minute – the wind has made the trees move so much that I thought it looked too blurry. But it has pleased another reader too. Thanks Jo!

  3. mothercat2013

    What a gorgeus day! Great photos – and like Gallivanta, I, too, want to know if you saw me waving from the South Island 😉 Loved your commentary as well, set the scene very nicely – thanks for sharing your neck of the woods with us! 🙂

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      We are finally having some summer but the wind keeps on blowing. C’est la vie in Wellington.

      I will wave to you this evening as I go towards the South Island but not via the steep hill! It is nice to know you are still reading along on the blog here.

  4. mothercat2013

    Definitely still reading! Always enjoy your posts and your nature observations 🙂 My own postings have been Very Delinquent of late, but I’m hoping to pick it up again very soon – maybe even this evening …


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