Asking for Assistance

My blog friend Ruth has asked for her readers to like the Avon Loop Facebook page. Some of my readership may have connections to Christchurch and this special part of that city. I’m happy to reblog her post.

Ruth's Reflections

The Avon Loop area in Christchurch is a beautiful and historic part of the central city with a proud tradition of neighbourhood collaboration.  Since the earthquakes we’ve lost two thirds of our residents, and those who remain are struggling to maintain a supportive community. We’ve started a Facebook page for people who live in and/or care about our area.  Some more “Likes” would help tremendously, so this is a plea for my blog readers to please ‘like’ the Avon Loop Facebook page.   The occasional comment would also be very much appreciated.

“I hope that you will take a look
and LIKE the Loop page on Facebook.”

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