Midwinter surprise

My dwarf feijoa (Bambina) was struggling mightily in the garden. The bronze beetle just loved eating all the flower heads despite my efforts to stop them. That meant no fruit in summer time as I had planned.

In an effort to save the bush and maybe eat a fruit off it one day I transplanted it to a large pot. It has flourished and lo and behold in the middle of winter there are two flowers blooming with lots of buds waiting to burst forth. No bronze beetles in sight.

Will fruit form in a midwinter surprise? I’ll let you know.

12 thoughts on “Midwinter surprise

  1. realruth

    My feijoa is ‘Unique’ (self-fertilising). It usually flowers around Christmas and the fruit come in May or June. The tree’s small but prolific.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      My one is described as being a prolific fruiter but the bronze beetle has stopped that. I doubt these flowers will come to fruit but who knows? The flowers are very festive.

      1. ordinarygood Post author

        I had no idea the GG had a FB page….most interesting. I have a daffodil flower that has opened but it is malformed. Many more buds are swelling despite a chilly week up until today when it was very pleasant this afternoon.
        The Blackbirds and Tuis seemed very keen on chatting up possible mates today in the sunshine too. Strange times.

      2. Gallivanta

        Oh, so glad you found the GG’s Facebook. 🙂 It has been bitter here for days. Despite that I see a few daffodil shoots pushing through. But spring seems a long way off.

      3. ordinarygood Post author

        It was very strange to go from bitterly cold all week to such balmy conditions this afternoon. I think we really don’t truly warm up until after Xmas here. Spring can be even harder than winter in Wellington.

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