Winter contrasts

Cabin fever was building yesterday so we rugged up and headed out for a brief walk. It was brutally cold in the wind but bracing and refreshing as our faces tingled and our ears chilled.

The stark, coldness of the day was mirrored in the bare branches of this very tall tree in the car parking area.

But along the roadway and around a corner, in a more sheltered spot here was this tree glowing orange with such warmth.

Then an early appointment this morning saw me visit Plimmerton where I spotted the sun shining brightly on Mana Island.

However a slight turn southwards showed the real weather on the mainland.

The winter season can present a range of guises to wonder at and enjoy.


6 thoughts on “Winter contrasts

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Thanks Juliet – we had bright sun this afternoon which was such a delight after all the rain and cloud of the past week. I think there is a lot more rain and cloud in the forecast too:-(

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Thanks. It is proving to be a winter of contrasts after mild days and now this Antarctic blast that is drenching us and blustering about us again today. It all began a week ago:-(

      1. ordinarygood Post author

        The next few days are not looking so good down your way or here. The warm winter prediction seems a foreign concept at the moment.

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