Sparrow on Sunday

In the warm afternoon sun yesterday this sparrow sat on the fence hoping I would throw out some seed.



After I had finished taking photos I did throw handfuls of birdseed out for the little birds. They deserve some help in this bitter weather that has returned today.


13 thoughts on “Sparrow on Sunday

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      She was a wee sweetie. Sparrows often snuggle down and rest on the horizontal timber on the fence – out of the wind and basking in the warmth… warmth today. Your bitter wind has blustered about us all day. I hope you’ve had some respite today.

      1. Gallivanta

        I feel like your little sparrow. All huddled against the cold. And no sun today. By the way, I am about to post (like later tonight) and I would love to use your photo (with proper credit) of the tui singing on the pohutakawa. Would that be okay?

      2. ordinarygood Post author

        We are huddling too…..the Antarctic vortex could shift slightly back to warmth from whence it came.

        Please use my Tui on the Pohutukawa. Such beauty and the sight of such enthusiastic singing needs to be shared. I will look forward to your post!

      3. ordinarygood Post author

        Since July 13th we have been privileged to hear a Bellbird singing at breakfast time amidst the Tui songs so a chorus could well be set to play in the morning. The Bellbird is shy performer sadly.

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