The froth and fizz of spring – 5 photos

I’m reposting this blog post after several reports that 5 photos had not appeared on my blog. Please let me know if you cannot see all 5 photos. I’m hopeful it was simply a WP glitch the other day.

Our neighbour has a flowering cherry tree alongside the footpath. It has looked a picture for a few days now and with inclement weather upon us I was determined to get out and see what I could record with my camera before the elements bruised and battered the beauty too much.
The tree is simply a mass of flowers and the scent strong and sweet. A Tui was enjoying the nectar but gave me a merry chase and managed to stay mostly out of sight.
The Tui appears as a black object in the centre of this image.
The wind was blowing about and the light glarey but sometimes that can work.

It has been an excellent day for blogging, not so good for enjoying photography.


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