Daily Archives: October 7, 2014

How cute is a Coot?

The day was clear and sunny and I wandered down to the local man-made lake. I had hoped for some ducklings or cygnets and none were in evidence. However tucked in to the edge of the bullrushes were these fluffy scraps with yellow spikey scarves, red coloured heads and beaks.DSCF1032 (640x480)

DSCF1035 (640x480)

Initially I thought they must be Pukeko chicks but the Pukeko’s usually live and nest in a more remote spot of the lake where the rushes are much thicker and matted.

When an adult Australian Coot appeared from the rushes it was very obvious that these chicks belonged to her, or him. A second adult appeared and with it another baby.
DSCF1038 (640x480)

The parents busily fed the chicks and chased away any other duck that came too close to their young.
DSCF1041 (640x480)

It is remarkable to see chicks with such different colourings to their parents when they are so young. A closer look at the babies’ beaks shows the tip to be white just like their parents.