Feeding the Song Thrush

The MOTH cleared a small section of garden yesterday with a view to a replant. I have been watching the Song Thrushes in the past weeks as they forage for food on the grass and garden. Usually it is just one bird and its beak is often full of worms as it seeks food for its young.
They are sharp-eyed and very nervous of any movement. In fact they almost have a sixth sense that they are being watched as so often their head tilts and I am spotted from the kitchen window.
This freshly tilled, damp soil was a real treat for the birds and in particular this beauty.

Song thrush

Song thrush

I edged ever so slightly to the right to get a clearer view but my apparently subtle shift was enough to send the Thrush away to safety. Content with one image I left the birds to feed without me adding stress to their life.
They are very beautiful birds.


11 thoughts on “Feeding the Song Thrush

      1. Jo Woolf

        No, straight from the bag! Although I’m sure they’d love them soaked! I used to have one thrush that would come onto the windowsill (almost to my hand) for them.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      I love the Song Thrushes and their bright eyes that seem to look deeply into mine when they spy me and their speckled breast is lovely.
      A MOTH is “Man of the House”…..:-)

  1. realruth

    They are also useful birds. In our garden they collect any snails, toss them on the brick path so their shells break, and the birds then eat the tasty morsels.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      I have searched the pantry and can only find other types of dried fruit. I will get some sultanas at the supermarket later this week. I’ll let you know how I get on or how the Thrushes get on.


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