A right royal treat

The past few days have seen an increase in visits to the sugar water feeder by Tui and an even greater increase in aggression from these fascinating birds. The poor sparrows have been swooped at and seen out of a tree and off the property. The sparrows really are innocent of any crimes, just victims of being in the wrong place at the wrong time at the moment.

However today at times the air has been thick with Tui drinking from the feeder.
DSCF1257 (640x462)

I have lost count of the number of refills I have already done today and the sun has not yet set!

My suspicion is that the first of this season’s fledglings are now independent of feeding by their parents but their parents have shown them the feeder. Some researchers indicate that while Tui are generally solitary birds there are times when families of Tui can be seen together.
DSCF1246 (640x532)

Food sources may have dwindled a little before the next food options become abundant.
Nesting and feeding new babies is definitely in full swing so parents are doubly hungry. It has been very windy and quite chilly for the past few days meaning the birds’ energy supplies are sapped quickly.

Here are a few photos from today’s gatherings at the feeder. It has been a very entertaining day.
DSCF1252 (640x425)
DSCF1253 (640x412)
DSCF1259 (640x428)
DSCF1260 (564x640)
DSCF1261 (640x480)
DSCF1262 (640x480)


12 thoughts on “A right royal treat

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      It has become a full time job. So far no taps on the window but they tap at the bottle and all around the wooden structure to see whether they are missing something when the bottle is empty.

      1. Gallivanta

        So lovely. Did you have the depressing story in your paper about how our seagull populations are dwindling; in fact are now very vulnerable? Seems incredible that that should be so.

      2. ordinarygood Post author

        Things seem to quieten after the lunch crowd have been. Perhaps they siesta?
        I did spot the story about the gulls. Vigilance is required for all our avian friends it would seem.

      3. ordinarygood Post author

        There are definitely more Tuis visiting this year. There are a lot of Tui friendly areas surrounding us which must help support their requirements.

      4. ordinarygood Post author

        I feel very fortunate that we live here and the birds love it too.

        Supper was keenly sought this evening. Last evening the gales put the birds off to bed much earlier.

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