A Tui Hui

For those of you reading from beyond New Zealand, the Maori word “Hui” means a gathering.

Yesterday the local Tuis flocked to the sugar water feeder. It was something of a competition to see how many could perch on the feeder and gain access to the sugar water.

I think this photo shows the maximum number who had artfully arranged themselves on the structure.
DSCF1283 (640x480)

Others were on the fence or in the nearby Magnolia tree awaiting a space to open up!
DSCF1285 (640x480)
DSCF1281 (640x480)


11 thoughts on “A Tui Hui

  1. kiwiyarns

    Wow! A Hui indeed! I would so love to have one of those, but I have a Murderous Cat. I had to stop putting bread on the lawn because it turned into a death trap for the poor birdies. Today, I came home to a pile of black downy feathers under the washing line… 😦 Bad Cat!!

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Now that PeeGee and Jazz are no longer with us my attention has turned to the birds.
      At the moment the rather too trusting Blackbird fledglings are easy game for any cat who is out and about. Nature can be tough that is for sure.
      I had to stop hanging fruit for the wax eyes as it attracted possums!

      1. kiwiyarns

        I suppose you wouldn’t want to deal with the bodies, but a Timms Trap is a great way to deal with possums and not get birds or cats accidentally caught in it. They do make amazing fertiliser for the vege garden though…

  2. Gallivanta

    They may be imbibing but they are keeping a close watch on everything. In the first photo one of the birds is looking to the right and in the last photo the bird is looking to the left. I don’t know if it is the same bird though.

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