Stillness and Light

Earlier in the week, as the last hour of sunshine filled the garden and the incessant wind had dropped, I went into the garden with my camera.
Lovely light on the Kowhai tree leaves.
DSCF1668 (800x600)
Even the Tuis were happy to sit still for me on this occasion.
DSCF1684 (800x600)
DSCF1674 (800x600)
DSCF1676 (800x600)

We could hope for more of the same with summer officially beginning this week.


8 thoughts on “Stillness and Light

  1. Toya

    Lovely shots, you are very lucky to have such obliging subjects so close to your house. I look forward to those late afternoon shots you get of the tuis over the summer months.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Thanks Toya. The Tui seemed much quieter that evening – perhaps they were tired after a long day feeding?
      Here’s hoping more sunshine will come our way!!!! There is only so much you can do through rain and grubby windows!

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      The sun is very welcome here too at the moment. We have been having a very chilly, wind-filled spring so we are all longing for warmth, calm and sunshine.
      The sun does lift spirits doesn’t it?


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