It is ANZAC day here in New Zealand. Today we remember all the members of the Australian and New Zealand Defence Forces who have served in wars.

Today I am remembering the following members of my family who served in the two world wars and who, remarkably and thankfully all returned home.

Harry Morrison, Army Sapper, Tunnelling Company of NZ Engineers. WW1

Tunnellers at Arras, WW1

Tunnellers at Arras, WW1

Reginald Morrison, Wellington Infantry Battalion, WW1 and Home Guard WW11

Raymond Morrison, 33rd Reinforcements, E company, WW1

Alexander Grey, Medical Corps, Egypt, WW1

Albert Edward Simmons, Rifleman, Western Front, Europe, WW1

Alexander(Lex) Grey, RNZAF, Seconded to Fleet Air Arm, WW11

It has been my interest in family history and the research that I have done that has bought this aspect history alive for me. I have a much greater appreciation of their contributions, sacrifices and the long term effects on them all now.


4 thoughts on “Remembering

  1. Gallivanta

    A good reminder that Anzac is about all soldiers who served. Have you been through the Arras Tunnel in Wellington yet? I may have asked you this before.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      I do keep thinking that it would be good to see more about the women who served but at least they are more visible this year. I’ve seen posts on FB today about all the animals and birds who served too. Yes I have been through the Arras Tunnel a couple of times now – it is short compared to others in the city. I like the stylised red poppies on the walls.


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