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9 thoughts on “My next read

  1. Julie L

    How are you getting on reading my book? Some people seem to read it straight through. Others have said they like to dip in and out as the mood and moment takes them. I wonder what you are making of it?
    I love the idea of your “ordinarygoodness”.

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Hello Julie. How nice to hear from you! To begin with I did some dipping. Then a nasty winter virus hit me and I had to retreat to the sanctuary of my bed and I read the book from beginning to end. I plan to write a review for my blog although I am somewhat tested in doing your deep, rich book justice. I have found it very stimulating and soothing.
      I was further challenged around “sanctuary” when I listened to a BBC documentary on Radio NZ one evening last week about the people seeking refuge/sanctuary in Europe who are falling prey to people traffickers. When people are so desperate to leave their home and country they call home where do they find any form of sanctuary? Perhaps in their faith if they have one? The local “ordinary” people on an island off Italy were providing “sanctuary” in various forms for both the refugees who survive and those who lose their lives.
      Thank you for following the link to my blog……Warm wishes, Lynley

      1. Julie L

        Sorry to hear about you winter virus. They’ve been awful this year! But glad to hear the book was a comfort. Yes… the refugees struggle to find sanctuary in Europe is heart-breaking. The only sanctuary I can imagine them having in the absence of a home is the home within themselves. But under such stress and duress? And exhaustion. The kindness of strangers? The love of each other? Their faith in life itself.

      2. ordinarygood Post author

        Seeking sanctuary, especially of the physical kind has been such a feature of human existence for all time. I’ve been pondering sanctuary and how it fits/changes on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. My review of your book is still being formed…..a family member has had a flu relapse so my time is not fully my own. As you say the viruses this year are particularly potent.

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