A little pictorial history of Makara Beach

Another view at Makara Beach, July 2015
Makara Beach(BJ)

These two photos appeared on the Old Wellington Region Facebook page a day or two after my recent visit to Makara Beach. (Blog post here)
Makara Beach 1907

High St, Makara Beach 1906

“High St” seems a very grand title for this rough, rocky track.

Living right on the edge of the beach back in 1907 was courageous to say the least. Back in this time it was thought to be a predominantly Italian fishing settlement. I note from archival notes that the area was evacuated at the time of WW 11 and gun emplacements from that area are still to be found on the various walkways today.


11 thoughts on “A little pictorial history of Makara Beach

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Thanks Jo. Old photographs are just fantastic – such longevity. We are expecting 140km gales today that will rip right into Makara Beach and where those little houses were in 1907! Tough conditions.

      1. ordinarygood Post author

        We have survived! It is so much quieter now in contrast. I see that some trees have been uprooted and roofs have lifted.
        It looks as if Taiwan and China are at huge risk from a super -typhoon now 😦

      2. Jo Woolf

        Glad to hear you are OK. That’s not good news for China and Taiwan, though! Haven’t looked at the news for a while. I’m guessing this is more of El Nino in action.

      3. ordinarygood Post author

        Yes it looks grim for Taiwan and China and El Nino does seem to be the culprit. We are in for a strong El Nino pattern apparently. We won’t lack for rain.

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