Friday Feeders

Tauhou, silvereye

Tauhou, silvereye

It is busy in the garden with large numbers of Tui and Tauhou seeking food.


It has been bitterly cold for a week, although it has been a little warmer over the past 48 hours. So the birds are working very hard to maintain their nutrient levels and strength.


10 thoughts on “Friday Feeders

  1. Juliet

    Love the top photo Lynley. Great angles and colour. Your photographic work is going ahead in leaps and bounds!

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      Isn’t the wee Tauhou a delight. They are loving the fruit bits I have stuck in the magnolia tree. The photographic result was a total surprise to me as it was a very quick image. I am loving photography and finally the weather is warm enough to be out a bit more. Thank you for the encouraging feedback!

  2. Jo Woolf

    I just love those little Tauhou! So very cute! Hope that your weather warms up a bit soon. Our own summer failed to get off the ground so maybe a lovely autumn is in prospect!

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      The wee Tauhou are not native to NZ. Somehow these wee scraps of fluff journeyed here from Australia. The name Tauhou means “Little stranger” Here’s to a warm autumn for you and lovely light! We are forecast a cold, wet spring…..ho hum!


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