No place for a Brand

The Government of my country have decided that we need a new flag.  Apparently the new flag, if the country votes to change it, will be a “Brand” that can be used as a marketing tool around the globe.

Here in the Hall of Memories at the National War Memorial in Wellington is no place for a Brand.

DSCF2980 (1280x960)

DSCF2982 (1280x960)


7 thoughts on “No place for a Brand

  1. Andrea

    I agree! Those men fought and died for New Zealand, not a corporate brand! And they’re spending over $26 MILLION! Time to ditch the pet projects – pandas! – and get back to keeping people warm, healthy and happy. This government has its priorities totally screwed.

  2. kiwiyarns

    It is a STUPID idea to change the flag. And your point about is very well made. I thought the silver fern was our brand? It’s good enough surely. There must be better things the government can do with our tax money.


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