Playing with autumn light and colour

A new “smarty pants” camera means a lot of playing is needed to learn how it works and how to get satisfying results with it.

The Japanese Maple tree has provided me with a great subject to play around with on the camera.Ā  I also love to explore light as I take photographs.

So some of these following images are taken with the sunlight behind me, some with the leaves backlit, others a wonderful example of the sheer beauty this tree has offered to us in the past fortnight.


9 thoughts on “Playing with autumn light and colour

    1. ordinarygood Post author

      My previous camera stopped taking photos and it was still within the warranty period. So this new flash camera has come into my life. I doubt I will ever use all its features! I am very pleased with the zoom and the depth of field. I just need to remember how to use the various features…..


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