Words from my country when I have no words.

Today is a tough day for me because it is 15 years since my mother was killed in a car accident.  This anniversary comes just over a week since a terrorist killed 50 innocent people at prayer and wounded so many more in my homeland.

My words are absent but this piece written by Simon Wilson has spoken deeply to me today.  I would encourage you to read it and absorb it and go more kindly and peacefully in the world.




10 thoughts on “Words from my country when I have no words.

  1. realruth

    Wonderful words, thank you. I’ve just driven past several schools where the children have left their messages tied to the fence outside.
    Love to you on this day of remembrance.

  2. Julietuliet

    These anniversaries go so deep. Be gentle with yourself Lynley as you remember the tragic loss of your mother, along with the shock of the events in Christchurch.

  3. judithhb

    Hi Lynley, nice to hear from you again. I hope you are well and able to get over this very sad day
    Do remember, Whatever happens, the dawn will break and a new day will begin..


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