Plimmerton beach last Sunday

We are very fortunate to live near Plimmerton and now that Te Ara Nui o te Rangihaeata (Transmission Gully highway) is open we can access this lovely beach in a matter of minutes.

There is also a stretch of flat footpath that winds along the coast road and it is a very popular walking place.

The weather was warm and sunny on Sunday and so we set off to Plimmerton to enjoy the best part of the afternoon before the winter chill and darkness began to set in.

I sat in a spot where there are a lot of rocks and varieties of bird. The tide was lowering and there were plenty of pools for birds to feed from and shallows to forage in.

There were lots of oyster catchers and this one caught my eye and I think he just about spotted me taking his photo, given his look in my direction.

It was restful and calming on a winter’s day.


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