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I believe that ordinary goodness can make a difference in the world. So I am constantly looking for the ordinary and the good things around me that make my life meaningful and which can make an exceptional difference to the world, little bit by little bit. I have two other blogs. I am a parent coach and educator at where I provide online solutions to parenting problems using email question and answer services. My other blog can be found at: where I post about the knits and crafts I make.

Words from my country when I have no words.

Today is a tough day for me because it is 15 years since my mother was killed in a car accident.  This anniversary comes just over a week since a terrorist killed 50 innocent people at prayer and wounded so many more in my homeland.

My words are absent but this piece written by Simon Wilson has spoken deeply to me today.  I would encourage you to read it and absorb it and go more kindly and peacefully in the world.