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A Shining example

I was really startled to find a small bird with an iridescent green back and wings sitting beneath my car yesterday. It hopped away as I approached and because I did not recognise this small bird I gently instructed it to please stay where it was until I returned with my camera.

I was delighted to find it had obeyed my request and I managed to get two photos before it scuttled into the undergrowth of the garden. I think it had been stunned by flying into a window on the house but I am hopeful that with rest it would recover as it was quick in its movements and it flew a short distance into the garden.

Once inside I loaded up my photos and then went straight to this excellent online website which helps identify birds.

And here it was: The Shining Cuckoo or Pīpīwharauroa


I hear it so often in late spring when it migrates back to New Zealand and at times during the summer months. I see in the notes on the website that this bird is more often heard than seen and my experience has been just that until yesterday.

Its markings were very striking and there was much to find attractive about this rather rascally bird.

I have blogged about the Cuckoo here and here and also here about the Riroriro (Grey Warbler) which incubate and raise the young of these Cuckoos.